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En tjej som är glad och tittar in i kameran

My democracy

Modern representative democracy is about more than just electing representatives who make decisions for us. Sure, every vote is important when there is an election , but every voice should also be heard before and after the election days. The question is: How?

Participatory and direct democracy

Many cities, regions and countries – and even the European Union – have recently updated their fundamental laws to make participatory and direct democracy a natural element of modern democracy.

Genuine possibilities for participation requires more knowledge and better support for all citizens and we need to set up infrastructures for active citizenship.

Falun and democracy

The City of Falun is interested in finding its own democratic way forward, together with municipalities from around the world, and also by learning from others. The local democratic development of the municipality is lead by the Falun Democracy Commission, which also is the initiator of Falun Democracy Week.

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