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City Walk in Gamla Herrgården

Experience the World Heritage of Falun

The World Heritage of Falun offers many attractions and experiences that remind us of a time when Falun was Sweden’s second largest city and was known as “Sweden’s treasure chest”. You can join guided tours, see exhibitions, visit gardens and freeminer estates, experience Christmas markets and much more.

The World Heritage of Falun includes the old town districts with their wooden buildings, hiking trails, magnificent churches, inviting garden cafés and – naturally – the Falu Mine.

The World Heritage of Falun gives you unique insight into an exciting and important part of Sweden’s history.

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Människor på väg ner i Falu gruva

Falu Mine

Join us on an adventure down into the Falu Mine – the heart of the World Heritage of Falun. Here you will hear about the mine’s thousand-year history and experience this special environment with its winding paths and large rock caverns. The tour goes through parts of the mine dating back to the 1600s.

Today, Falu Mine is a popular destination. On site, there is an interactive museum, restaurant, café and several shops.

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Guide som går genom Falun

The city

Large sections of Falun’s city centre are part of the World Heritage Site. Authentic buildings, the old wooden town, impressive churches, a magnificent town hall, as well as the winding Falu River, are testament to a heyday that really put Falun on the map.

In the wooden districts of Elsborg, Gamla Herrgården and Östanfors, there are many traces of the Falun of the past with its older, well-preserved, red wooden houses and slag stone buildings. Miners, cabin workers and traders lived here and the street names testify to the importance of the mining industry.

Take a stroll, explore the surroundings and try to imagine the hustle and bustle of the streets in times past.

Our popular English-language city walks are offered all year round. Join a guide and hear fun and exciting stories about everything that has characterised Falun, including famous personalities, the special red colour and the national dish of Falun sausage.

Linnés bröllopsstuga

Freeminer estates and gardens

Freeminers and their families owned shares in the Falu Mine and were involved in the production of copper. They had magnificent farms with beautiful gardens built outside central Falun to get away from the smog that hovered like a lid over the city. Many of the freeminer estates are now privately owned, but Stabergs Bergsmansgård, Stora Hyttnäs in Sundborn and Linné’s wedding cottage are open for visitors. Experience splendid, historic homes whose gardens reflect the wealth of the freeminers.

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Cyklister cyklar förbi slagghögar 

Walk, hike, cycle and paddle the World Heritage Site

The World Heritage of Falun features hiking trails, lakes, picturesque wooden districts and other environments that encourage outdoor activities. Take the opportunity to combine cultural history with leisure activities in an authentic environment at its best.

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